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A contemporary silhouette in a rainbow of colours, Grandiflora is sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who encounters it! The antithesis of a conservative white coat, this lively original print is inspired by celebratory moments and the wonders of nature.

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Meet the designer

Kylie Zerbst for Obus

Obus creates beautiful and practical wearables for the modern woman. For the past 20 years, founder and creative director Kylie Zerbst and her team have produced many coveted collections, each one thoughtfully designed and curated to form a wardrobe of must have styles. The concept of travel is a constant theme woven within Obus collections, each an exciting new journey inspired by designer Zerbst’s personal wanderings. A mainstay of the Melbourne fashion landscape, Obus is synonymous with ease of wear, pared back tailoring and a constantly changing palette of unexpected colours. Clothing made by Obus is of exceptional quality, featuring natural fibres and exclusive prints, and the mainstay of its collections are manufactured in Melbourne, helping to support the local industry and economy.

Kylie Zerbst, founder/creative director, Obus – “Everyone has been affected by breast cancer in some way – either personally or through the experience of someone they love or know. I felt the BCT coat demanded a strong, functional silhouette offset by a lively, celebratory print that is sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who encounters it.”

Product details

  • Size: 10-14
  • Fabric: 100% cotton (Drill)


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In the last century, the lab coat’s barely changed. Originally created in the 1800s, it’s become a symbol of trust and intelligence, but hasn’t been given nearly the same level of respect it deserves. Until now. Inspired by the researchers at Breast Cancer Trials, we’re redesigning the white lab coat for women in collaboration with some of Australia’s best designers, up and coming designers, students and influential women.

Breast Cancer Trials

About Breast Cancer Trials

Our organisation is the largest independent clinical trials research group across Australia and New Zealand. Since 1978 we have saved the lives of millions of people affected by breast cancer. Our work in Australia and New Zealand is supported by a team of full-time professional staff who manage our clinical trials and raise the money we need to do the work we do. Our shared mission is to improve the lives of people with breast cancer, help them live longer and to prevent people from dying from the disease.

Financial independence means we are free from the influence or control of other interest groups, and are able to initiate our own investigator-driven and community-driven clinical trials, that service the common good of all people affected by breast cancer.

We are grounded and defined by one simple belief: We can and we will find new and better treatments and prevention strategies for every person affected by breast cancer, that save lives today, tomorrow and forever.